Photo walk in Scranton, PA

Sameer shooting City Hall

Photo: My friend Sameer on a Photo walk of sorts in Carbondale, PA.

Something I’ve wanted to do for some time was to have a Photo walk in Scranton, PA. I would like to have one in Carbondale some time in the near future, but I think we’ll get more support in the Scranton area – and that is where my friend Sameer and I happen to be heading anyway.

What is a Photo walk?

Here is the actual definition from

“A Photo Walk is a an opportunity to develop your “photographic eye” by sharing the same opportunities as others. No special equipment is required and there is no need to share the pictures you take with others (though this is probably a good idea).

… …

To participate in a walk, you just need to arrive at the start point at the date and time given with a camera.

After a walk participants are encouraged to share their pictures and discuss their experiences.”

Pretty simple right? Just show up with your camera in tow (doesn’t matter if you only have your cell phone or you have the best professional digital camera available). And, if you feel like it, you can jump online and share your photos with the group.


We’re going to meet at the intersection of Linden Street and Adams Avenue by the statute at 2:30pm on Sunday March 8th. We’ll have a set route that we’ll be walking but we’re completely up for suggestions if there is anywhere in the city you’d like to shoot. We’re hoping for good weather but if that doesn’t happen our backup plan will be to do it anyway and get wet.

How to share photos/experiences?

If you upload your photos to your own personal Web site, or to a photo-sharing site like Flickr or Facebook, you can tag your photos with “ScrantonPhotoWalk”. You can do the same for your blog posts. If you do not know how to do that, you can just paste the URL to your photos and/or blog posts into the comments of this post below.

Who are Colin and Sameer?

You can read about me on my about page if you’d like further information. However, Sameer and I are just two guys that like to go shoot photos and we thought this time we’d see if anyone would like ot keep us company. If you’d like to tag along, we’d love to have you.

Follow us on Twitter: I’m cdevroe and Sameer is SameerBarkawi.