Shaquille O’Neal encounters two Twitter followers at a diner

Let me just start off by saying that I think this is excellent in every way. Shaquille O’Neal, the star Center from the NBA, is on Twitter and actually uses it aright. This you may have known already, but if you aren’t one of his 225,000 and counting followers yet, now you know and maybe you will be. He’s been asking that his Twitter followers begin to try to meet him "in real life". His reason? Because of these two guys.

Two fans of Shaq decided to go to a diner in their hometown because Shaq Twittered that he was there. They showed up and, indeed, he was there. Shaq asked, via Twitter, if any Twitter-peeps were in the diner. They raised their hands. Shaq asked them to come over. They took some photos, shook hands, and left. One of the guys wrote about it on their blog (at Shaq’s request no less).

Since then Shaq has asked that people be more brave about coming to say hi. He even said to his followers that they have a special bond in that they are all on Twitter. In fact, at this very moment Shaq is in Miami and giving away two tickets to the first people to come up and touch him.

The fact that this all started at a diner just makes it all the better. I love diners.

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