MeToday: February 23, 2009

Yesterday, February 23rd, I did a lot of driving. I attended the February Viddler Board Meeting in Springfield, New Jersey. To go to a board meeting in New Jersey I end up being away from home for a little over ten hours. That includes 6 hours of driving, about 3 and a half hours for the meeting itself, and about one half hour for lunch. Sounds exciting right?

I’ll spare you from boredom. Here is my day in under two minutes.

[viddler id-d7055bfc h-348 w-540]

I haven’t done a MeToday video, or any video for that matter, in many months so I was happy to use the Board Meeting as an opportunity to just bring along the Flip camera and take miscellaneous shots to stitch together. The music I chose for this particular MeToday was Happening by The Supremes.