Owen Stone interviews me for Friend-up Friday!

Last Thursday, not Friday, Owen JJ. Stone, also known as Ohdoctah, interviewed me for his Friend-up Friday series. Well, now it is Friday. And he has put the video online. It is about 10 minutes long but the last few minutes are probably my favorite. The word association game he plays was really fun and I think makes for good video.

[viddler id-522f84f0 h-370 w-540]

I haven’t done a video on Viddler since November! This doesn’t make up for it but at least there is something with me out there now. I’ve gotta hop on it. Maybe I’ll take one of the Skribit suggestions for this site and use video instead of writing to check it off the list.

Thanks to Owen for coming into Viddler HQ last week and for doing this video.