Hahlo 4 - coming soon

Dean J. Robinson, the developer behind what is easily the best iPhone web application for Twitter, recently gave us a glimpse of what we should expect from the next version of Hahlo. He lists ten things we should know about the next version - and here are three that I'm really looking forward to.

  1. Better profile support. For some reason it seemed as the though the only part of Hahlo 3 that was either ignored or never throughly developed was the individual profile pages. Now with support for viewing the archive, favorites, and profile information it seems like Hahlo 4 will solve that.

  2. OAuth support. I trust Dean. I've used Hahlo for a very long time. But having an extra layer of protection against Dean, or any other developer, getting my Twitter credentials makes me a very happy man.

  3. Browser back/forward buttons working properly. This is something that sets apart the good iPhone web applications from the great ones. Flickr's iPhone-friendly mobile site does this perfectly - and I'm looking forward to Hahlo now handling browser history properly too.

All of the things that Dean listed in his post are, of course, exciting updates to an already great application. The reason I'm looking forward to the above three the most is because I feel that Hahlo 3 was sorely lacking (whether by its own fault or Twitter's) them.

Source: 10 things you should know about Hahlo 4.

Site: Hahlo.com