Notes from No Reservations - Chicago

For this episode of No Reservations I thought I'd jot down some notes while I watched the episode. So here they are, in order as they happened while I watched the show, and without any editing.

The opening sequence comparing the states of mind of areas like Los Angeles to the fact that Chicago is a city, is interesting. I'm now wondering what that means exactly.

Duck fat fries? I must try some!

Deep dish pizza. That is why I thought Chicago was known for pizza.

Tony rented a Cadillac.

So is this guy the guy that came in second to last year's Saudi Arabia winner? I think it is.

Wow. That is a lot of tamale to make by hand. 39,000 a week!

Ok, here we go. The Mother In Law. Ooo, the mighty dog might even look better.

"A root beer gone wrong." Great quote. But they didn't say exactly what it was!

The Might Dog. A tamale and a hot dog. (this reminds me how much I miss Hawaii's puka dog)

I don't mind deep dish pizza as much as Tony. I'm open for anything. Then again, I'm not from New York.

Wow. Look at that pizza. That is a lot of food.

See, the chick gets it: The point of Chicago's deep dish pizza is that "It is giant and filling."

Haha. Tony is being difficult. But he is usually reformed by food. Lets see if it happens again.

Wow. Those people were big.

A plate sized slice of pizza. Sign me up.

Eating pizza with a fork. "I get it." Immediately reformed. Food is Tony's Achilles heel.

"Some people are in business for money. Thats the wrong way."

I am guessing that is not really roadkill. It is probably the name of the dish he creates. We'll see after the break.

A food blogger. Tony is usually not a fan of food bloggers.

I love smoked things. Though I can't remember ever having any other fish besides salmon smoked. On my to do list.

I really need to find a job where I can buy as much food as I can possibly eat.

Wow. That is a lot of fish. Meaning big pieces. I wonder how much that stuff costs.

"Efficient mass transit." Chicago people, do you agree?

Note: So far, zero mentions of Oprah = zero shots. I think if Tony goes the entire night without talking about Oprah, I will do a shot to commemorate that!

An edible menu? Now THAT is eco friendly.

"Do you ever want to eat roadkill?" Me: Yes.

An edible cigar from an ash tray? With ashes? Thats great. At least this guy is making food incredibly fun. Still not too many tasting notes from Tony on how good this stuff is.

Tony was on the radio in Chicago? Must find audio. Mancow Muller.

I have never seen Tony eating dog sh*t. But I have seen him eat the Boar intestine. Which was gross and according to his blog took two weeks to recover from. It is one of the only meals I've seen him eat that I have not desired to have myself.

I think Tony's only ambition in life is debunking stereotypes. Mancow is a good guy!

Whoa. North side and South side... "education". I like that Tony pointed out that these were generalities.

Here comes the egg slut line.

There it is. Oh, and I want one of those sandwiches. Yesterday.

Three Ss. "Sex, Sinatra, and your sandwich"

I am not usually into the fancy schmancy type of food presentation. But this guy's presentations look like they are specifically thought out based on the food he's preparing.

Wow. Have you ever heard Tony's voice that low before?

Did you see how good that swordfish looked?

What is torro? Must research.

"Chicago has, hands down, a better hot dog than New York City." I don't know Tony, I've had some incredible hot dogs in NYC.

A pickel on top? Eliza would love that.

I saw the Foie Gras dog. I want one.

Making a list of places to eat on my way through Chicago the next time I'm there: Hot Doug's is number two, while the first is the egg slut sandwich place.

Perhaps I should add "The publican" to that list. "Oysters, Pork, and Beer. The holy trinity."

Ham cooked in hay? Is that what he said?

I hope all of these ideas these guys are throwing out there end up sticking with their new restaurant rather than business getting in the way. We shall see. I have a feeling most every restraunt opened by chefs are created this way.

Chicago was a fair episode. Not my favorite - but definitely made me incredibly hungry. Chicago appears to have my own taste in food. Simple and lots of it.