Oprah shots

Foie Gras Hot dog


Though I can count, on one hand, the number of times I've been to Chicago - I know that I don't particularly care for the city. It may have to do with the bad experiences I had there - I mean, I did see a few million dollars slip through my fingers during a trip to Chicago, but that is a story for another time - or it may just be that I've really never seen the city in the right light.

Being the half-way point on a drive between Pennsylvania and South Dakota, where some of my family have lived for years, I have gone through Chicago in a car, a bus, and over it in an airplane. So far I've preferred the airplane.

The only food I've ever eaten in Chicago was delivered by room service at a not-so-great hotel. Oh, wait - there was that danish I had from the vending machine at the bus station on West Harrison Street. So, in all honesty and fairness, I have absolutely no idea what Chicago has to offer me in the food department. Which is probably why I'm, again, looking forward to tonight's episode of No Reservations - Chicago.

Here are five questions that I hope are answered during this episode. And, if they are - I'll update this post as they happen.

  1. What food is Chicago famous for?

  2. Will Tony mention anything about the Mob?

  3. Isn't pizza big in Chicago?

  4. Why on earth did Tony choose Chicago?

  5. Any mention of Oprah will warrant a shot of whiskey.

Ok, so that last one wasn't a question at all. But - now I'm hoping he mentions Oprah at every single opportunity.  Do you have any questions about Chicago that you'd like to see answered in tonight's episode? Or, perhaps you'd like to add more shot rules?

PS. I did see on Tony's blog that he mentions the "mother-in-law" sandwich. My interest is piqued.