Roger Ebert, now a blogger

Roger Ebert is hitting a stride on his blog. He began blogging not too long ago. Well, in the world of blogging it wasn't that long ago. It isn't like he hasn't been writing for longer than I've been breathing - he just hasn't been blogging as long as I have. So take that Roger! Where his first pieces seemed to be op-eds his latest pieces seem to be more "blog like", and I like that. Personal reflections about how Roger sees the world rather than how he thinks others should.

I've long respected Roger's opinions of movies. It turns out I agree and respect his opinions on a great many things. Consider this my recommendation to subscribe.

Source: Roger Ebert's Journal (Sadly it seems "blog" isn't a good enough word.)

Ps. You can have a post-script on a blog, right? Anyway - I think I should take a taste of my own medicine and get back to some real blogging myself. Hmmm.