Millions for miniatures

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Willard Wigan

This comes courtesy of Jason Kottke, so if you subscribe to his site - you've already seen this. For those of you that haven't- meet Willard Wigan, an artist who specializes in micro-sculptures. Willard manages to sculpt the world's smallest pieces of art that reside inside the eye of a needle or on top of the head of a pin.

His method is indeed madness. He uses a single hair off the back of a common house fly as his paint brush. He keeps his hands steady by working in between the beating of his heart. He once inhaled an Alice from Wonderland piece he was working. Which, in and of itself, would have been frustrating, but it turns out his works of art are rather valuable. He recently sold his entire collection (which at least count was somewhere between 12-15 separate pieces) for $20,000,000.

ABC News Video: Willard Wigan micro sculptor.


Official Site: Willard Wigan :: Micro Sculptor.