Sameer Barkawi reviews The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

It is [no secret]( button) that I want to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Due to traveling to and from my brother's house in North Carolina - circumstances, unusual or otherwise - have kept me from getting to the theatre.

Sameer Barkawi, friend and film-student (oh, and actor), has written his thoughts on the movie after seeing it opening night. He compares the movie to 1994's Forrest Gump, in a rather bad way. I loved Forrest Gump, btw. Oddly, he didn't enjoy Brad Pitt's performance even though he's been nominated for a few awards because of it.

I would still like to see the film, but I trust Sameer's judgement - and so I may wait until the DVD is released and I get to see it for free.

Source: Movie Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.