RED one

Vince Laforet is working with some photo-gadget people and has been playing with this bad boy. Just stare at it awhile, let it sink in. Five dollars and twenty-five cents says that by the end of a day shooting with this - you'd have huge guns. And by guns I mean biceps muscles on your arms.

"The Red EOS Mount by Wicked Circuits was created by Andy Lesniak and Richard Wardlow.  It allows you to control both Iris (Aperture) and focus control of any Canon EF Lens mounted to a RED One  (Link to Wicked Circuits to come.)   This will allow us to shoot 4K, 3K and 2K footage at up to 120 fps.  The lens (w/ the crop factor) will be the equivalent of a 1280mm 5.6 and up (depending on the resolution we set.)   Needless to say - I can’t wait to see what this looks like on the beach!"

I'm pretty sure people should have a license to use this thing.

Source: The RED CANON.

More information: RED one cameras.