Eat Weird - Episode 3: Wild Goose Breast Salad

I've already written about Eat Weird, so I'll spare you those details and just link you to the latest episode of Eat Weird, Episode 3, which is Master Chef Dave Ciminelli's Wild Goose Breast Salad.

[viddler id-10ea1cad h-348 w-540]

I had the privilege of producing this, and the next four, episodes of Eat Weird. I think they'll get better as they go along in this latest series of episodes - which I'm calling the Dave Ciminelli series. Episode 4, which is due out Friday, is going to be a really fun episode - but I believe that the quality of each episode and our ability to produce them will go up as we go.

Maybe if I do well enough Chris will let me keep the producers chair full-time until he can find a replacement. We'll see. For now, Live Well, and Eat Weird.

Source: Eat Weird - Episode 3: Wild Goose Breast Salad.