LOST in time

I’m loving that I’m able to write for Waking Ideas on a weekly basis. This week I cover my recent journey through the entire LOST series, again! 83 hours of television-watching goodness.

Here is an excerpt:

"I mean what else could I have done with roughly 83 hours of free time? Stretched out this is over two weeks of full-time labor, double the amount of time it takes to learn to be a pilot, or the record time a person has circumvented the entire planet Earth solo. Ok, but do those things have anything to do with a mysterious island, a plane crash, love triangles (and sometimes even love squares), black smoke monsters, invisible cabin dwellers, polar bears in tropical climates, self-projecting children, time traveling consciousnesses, or JOHN LOCKE? I think not."

Source: Waking Ideas: LOST in time.

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