Wil Wheaton asked to star on Heroes via Twitter

Wil Wheaton, geek, actor, writer, etc. etc., was asked by Greg Grunberg, the actor that plays Matt Parkman on Heroes, to star in an upcoming episode of Heroes in a cameo role.

Last night Eliza and I watched the latest episode of Heroes that starred both Seth Green and Breckin Meyer as cameos (perhaps there were others?). So it is little surprise that they’d ask the Star Trek – The Next Generation star to do a cameo role at some point as well. 

The surprising part was that it was done via Twitter. Awesome.  More information is available on Wil Wheaton’s blog post.

Source: In which wil goes "O_o" but retains his grip on reality

PS. Wil, if you’re reading this. Drop feedburner. Your links from your RSS feed are straight up busted. More here.

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