Upgraded to WordPress 2.7 RC1

I’ve been waiting for WordPress 2.7 to be released before upgrading this site’s underlying software. In fact, I was considering even waiting as long as the first iterative release after 2.7 came out before upgrading. But it seems like the WordPress development team is really taking its time with this latest, and incredibly different, release.

Which is a great thing to see!

So, I’m both sick of waiting and terribly excited to take advantage of the offerings that WordPress 2.7 brings to the table – so much so that I’ve now upgraded my site to the latest version – which is 2.7 RC1.

RC stands for Release Candidate. This means that the software I’m running is, in the minds of the developers, ready to be used by the masses. It is – more than likely – the exact code that will be released as an official update to the WordPress software.  The only reason the code will be updated from RC1 is if anything rather high-priority is found (like a bug or security issue).

Upgrading to RC1 was painless (I came from version 2.6.3 I believe). I’m looking forward to fully kicking the tires on this new release and writing up a general review of my thoughts on this latest release. First impressions are incredibly positive.