iPhone software update 2.2 released

For the record I jailbroke my iPhone a few days ago full well knowing that the 2.2 OS update was imminent. I thought it gave me the perfect opportunity to play around with a jailbroken iPhone, build the Qik to Viddler bridge, and still be okay to install the latest update to the iPhone without losing anything.

The most notable updates about version 2.2, for me, are:

  • Walking directions in Google Maps – Although I use the driving directions in Google Maps as much as any feature on the iPhone, I’ve found myself wanting more accurate walking directions when visiting bigger cities.
  • Podcasts are downloadable in iTunes – I’m not sure how often I’ll use this feature since I sync my phone every day to get the latest content from my computer to the iPhone. I’m hoping moreso that the iPhone now displays Podcasts in reverse-chronological order.
  • Display the address of a pin – Another update to Google Maps that I’ve wanted to see since day one. When you drop a pin on the map, you can now see the street address of that pin.
  • And last… updates to Mobile Safari.  Any updates to Mobile Safari are good updates.

There is one feature I’m leaving out because I would have loved to see it done a bit differently. In Google Maps you can now share your location via email. Google Maps will now construct an iPhone friendly URL and email it to anyone of your choice. This is an excellent update and I’m sure many will use it. But I would rather have seen Google Maps send the URL via SMS. Someone get on that, will ya?

Oh, and Google Maps has Street View too now. I have no idea why I’d ever use this. But, who knows.

Source: Apple – iPhone – Software update.