Making soup

When I saw Garret Murray's Flickr group called My Day, Yesterday it immediately struck a chord. Be sure to watch Garrett'sĀ inauguralĀ video that started it all. Not only did it remind me of MeToday photos and videos (which I miss doing, btw), but I simply loved the style. So I've procrastinated doing my own My Day, Yesterday video because - well, I haven't had the time.

Tonight, Eliza is out and I'm home by myself. I've had to fend for myself. So, I made some soup from some of the stuff I found in the kitchen. Here is a video, styled after My Day, Yesterday videos, but just making a single meal.

I've created a new Viddler group called Making. If you're so inclined, consider contributing a Making video.

About the video quality: I only have a Flip video camera, which is Eliza's actually, at the moment. Someday I'll get my hands on a shiny new HD-quality video camera. Until then, suffer.