You Microsoft Internet Explorer user you!

So you use Windows. I'm ok with that I guess. Oh, you also browse the Internet with Internet Explorer? Version 6? Well, I just can't live with that. In fact, I doubt you and I would get along at parties.

But, such as it is you are here, reading something on my site, and so I should - at the very least - show you a site that you can read. I didn't say that I'd cater to you. No no, none of that here. But I will try my best to have my site display just well enough that you can read this - and perhaps switch to another browser.

While at Podcamp Hawai'i I pulled my site up on a screen in front of an entire theatre full of people. There was only one computer available to me that was already hooked up to the projector. I thought "How bad could it be?". Well, it was pretty bad. My site looked like this. Yeah, that bad.

So today I pulled out a ton of negative margins, a few class specifications that, for reasons I will probably never know, Internet Explorer does not support - and now you can see that the site looks relatively normal in IE.

I could probably do better with my site's document code and styling to set myself up for multi-browser success. I know this. But, seriously. You could do much better if you're using Internet Explorer as your browser-of-choice. So there.