The Wyland Waikiki hotel

Wyland Waiki hotel lobby

During our stay on Oahu for the Social Media Club Workshop, Podcamp and Wordcamp Hawai'i, and a little leisure time - Eliza and I stayed at the Wyland Waikiki hotel.

This modern hotel showcases some of Wyland's (whose name is Robert Wyland, by the way) artwork on nearly every surface available. Wall-sized paintings, sculptures, surf boards, and even tile works on the bottom one of the hotel's pools all show off the creativity of Wyland.

The rooms are a decent size with all of the amenities that you'd come to expect nowadays. Beautiful flat-panel televisions, high beds, and nice bathrooms. Eliza and I had a room with a fridge and a sink (no range to cook on). We both really enjoyed our stay here.

Not that you spend a lot of time in your hotel when you are in Hawai'i, but I still think it is important to find one that suits your lifestyle. The Xbox-filled gaming room suits my lifestyle, though I admit I didn't end up using it. The bar in the lobby with some of the better tenders I've come across, suits my lifestyle. The free wifi throughout the property, does as well.  Though, I must say that only having wired access in the rooms was a bit disappointing.  But Eliza and I quickly took care of that with Mac OS X's internet connection sharing which is drop dead simple to set up.

Why am I writing about this hotel? Because they were extremely accommodating. They helped out the Podcamp attendees and speakers and also were always on hand when we wanted to chat about the hotel. Something I have never, ever heard of with any other hotel.

And, in the very near future, if you head down to one of the lobby's two iMacs - you may see Viddler sitting on the desktop ready for you to record your video testimonial for this excellent hotel.