Jack Black sings Bluegrass on Charlie Haden’s Ramblin’ Boy

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The Jack Black Family

Charlie Haden is one of the most respected jazz bassists and jazz composers today. He grew up part of a musical family through the 30s, 40s, and 50s. He sang until he was 15 years old when he was struck with polio which affected his vocal chords.  This is when he picked began to play bass.

Fast forward to the present day and Charlie finds himself with a growing family and an amazing black book filled with some of the world’s foremost talented musicians, singers, and artists.

Charlie’s son-in-law is none other than the singer-songwriter, actor, and comedian Jack Black. Jack Black is married to Charlie’s daughter, Tayna Haden, who is an accomplished cellist herself.

So, the family is pretty much dripping with talent.

Charlie Haden recently brought together his family and incredibly talented friends for a new album Ramblin’ Boy (Charlie Haden and Friends) which was released this year.

Now to my point.

We’re used to hearing Jack Black sing. Anyone that has seen School of Rock or listened to Tenacious D will know that Jack can hold his own with a guitar and as a vocalist. But until Ramblin’ Boy Jack hasn’t really shown his chops outside of Rock. That all changes with Jack Black’s version of Old Joe Clark.

You can listen to a excerpt of Jack Black singing Old Joe Clark through Amazon’s MP3 store.

Also worth your time, if this topic interests you, is a recent episode of Fresh Air on NPR in which Terry Gross interviews Charlie Haden, his daughters and son, and Jack Black about his performance on the album.