A short review of State of Fear by Michael Crichton

Even though I read State of Fear a few months ago, I thought I'd jot down my overall thoughts of the book. As you might notice, I read nearly all of Crichton's works, so even though the subject matter for this book isn't particularly interesting to me, I read it because Crichton wrote it.

I'm a sheep, I know.

State of Fear is a story about the environment and the effect Global Warming is, or is not, having on it in the world around us. Is is also about a lawyer trying to pull all of the pieces together, along with a cast of other characters, of a plot to wreak some environmental havoc just as an environmental group is trying to score some dough for their work.

There is more to it, of course, like the whole ideal jousting about the environment and about whether or not Global Warming is a real threat, caused by humans or not, and even if it is having an effect on the planet as we speak.

An interesting way for an acclaimed author to get the information out there and into the hands of his readers without, perhaps, writing a work of non-fiction.

It is also hard to see where Crichton sits on this issue. Frankly, I do not care. Which is why I think he chose to keep it as vague and balanced as it appears to be by this uninformed environmental novice. It really seems like a report on the facts wrapped in an action-packed adventure.

Which is why, I believe, State of Fear will never become a movie. It would be very hard to strike this same balance with a movie. Everything would be critiqued. The Director's opinions, the actor's, the screenwriter's, etc. Everyone that worked on the movie would have a play for the tilt.

Either way I applaud Crichton for keeping my attention long enough to give me all of the facts about Global Warming.  I'll bet it was a challenge.