Snorkeling for crabs, big and small

Lady Chancery trolls by our "secret" cove where Andrew and I did some snorkeling. Today we had planned to head out either Sand Dollar Island or Shackleford Banks to do some snorkeling, shell finding, or seeing if we could locate some wild horses.

Instead we ended up snorkeling off of Radio Island. When we arrived to Beaufort, North Carolina to hit a ferry ride to one of the islands, Captain Don let us know that the tide was in and that visibility would be extremely low. He did mention that there would be 3ft. black tip sharks - and that made Andrew and I want to go more - but he said we wouldn't be able to see them in the water.

You see, North Carolina just recently got an incredible amount of rain due to Tropical Storm Kyle. All of that rain washes out the marshes and stirs up silt from the rivers that feed into the ocean. All of this extra sediment and junk floating in the water made it pretty murky.

Captain Don then told us of a free, safe spot to do a little snorkeling. It was off of Radio Island, beyond a Yacht Club. So that is where we went and ended up saving $60 and having a pretty good time to boot.

We managed to sneak a peak of quite a few fishes, crabs, and snails in their multi-colored shells. A great time. Looking forward to trying to find more of these little-known areas on the Crystal Coast.