Threatening pig traps woman

Finally some real news! A 63-year old woman learns a lesson that many learn by feeding a stray cat; never feed a wild animal. However, Caroline Hayes didn’t feed a helpless stray cat that became a nuisance thereafter.  She fed a 176 pound wild pig.

Neighbors, who have observed the pig taking a mattress out of Caroline’s garage and ripping it to shreds, have named the pig Bruce. Cute. Rangers, who came to transport the pig, brought too small of a cage. Well played. And Ms. Hayes is trapped in her home because, well, a huge hungry pig can be pretty aggressive.

The current plan is to trap the pig and send it to a piggery for butchering. As irony would have it, Ms. Hayes is a vegetarian, so she will not be getting any sort of sweet revenge on Bruce.

You may send the bacon thisaway plz.

The lesson? Never feed a wild animal that is larger than you are unless you intend to eat it.

Source: BBC News: Large pushy pig traps Australian.

Via: Boing Boing.