SOLD OUT! Daring Fireball's RSS Feed Sponsorship

I've been a member of John Gruber's Daring Fireball since, and perhaps John can correct me if I'm wrong, nearly the first day he made the membership available. I've been a reader for even longer. After a while (I'll take a stab and say a year but I can't remember) he decided to open up membership for "free" by selling sponsorships to his RSS feed.

I believe the price for a link and write up in his feed when first launched was around $750 per week? I know in October 2007 it was $900 per week. I remember looking only a few days ago and it was $1,250 per week. Now I look and see it is up to $1,750 per week and that it is sold out until at least 2009.

Two quick points. I guess the price should have been higher eh John? Second, this is so well-deserved and justified that I'm really happy it is happening to such a hard working "blogger". And, from out of the mouths of those who have opened their wallet to sponsor Daring Fireball, completely worth it.

Congratulations John for all your success with Daring Fireball. You have absolutely earned it.