Going beyond Automatic

Michael Mistretta, easily the youngest author whose blog I’m subscribed to, recently took a trip to Zambia.  In “Going Beyond Automatic: Photography in Africa” he gives the broad strokes of what the “Automatic” setting is on your camera, and how it takes practice to master “Manual” mode. He also talks a lot about why it isn’t important to focus on the gear you have but the way you look at shooting.

In the very first sentence of this piece I see Michael being slightly frustrated by something that ends up happening far too often to me.  He says: “I haven’t had the chance to write down much of what I experienced and accomplished while in Zambia.” I find I often “move on” to the next thing and forget to reflect on where I’ve just been – and writing seems to help me to reflect.  I need do it more.

Michael’s photos from Zambia are striking.  What an excellent opportunity for someone I’m sure will be an incredible photographer for many years to come!

Source: Going Beyond Automatic: Photography in Africa.