Completely torn over mobile photos

Ironman desktop picture

The above photo was posted to Flickr from my iPhone a few minutes ago.  I wanted to show off, in all its glory, the new desktop picture I'm using on both my Macbook and external monitor courtesy of Mark Bixby.

But this brings up something that I'm completely torn over.  Where should I post my mobile photos?  I have a mobile photos category here on my blog, a Brightkite account that makes it dead-simple to post photos and remember where they were taken an in context, and a Flickr account.

It seems like every time I snap a photo with my iPhone I have a different idea of where I think it should go.  I like having everything I submit to the Web here on my site.  I think photos of what I'm currently eating at a restaurant is best kept on Brightkite for a lot of reasons, and perhaps an artsy mobile photo like this one would be best submitted to Flickr.  Is that the answer?  Should I diversify where I submit my mobile photos?

And better yet, why do I care so much? Should I care?  Does anyone else care?