My homemade Batman shirt

Eliza and I, along with a few friends, are going to the midnight premier of Batman: The Dark Knight tonight.  As we’ve done in the past, we’re making our own tshirts.  This time, instead of the handwritten shirts, we’re going to do iron-ons.

We’ve used iron-ons in the past, for the Star Wars prequel premiers, so we had some laying around (yes, from that long ago!).  Here is my tshirt design that I quickly did in Adobe Illustrator.  If you like it, you may download it here.

Eliza really likes the “Why So Serious” campaign that they’ve done for The Dark Knight. So her tshirt is made from the top portion of the poster from it.

Update: Here is what the shirt ended up looking like, taken by Eliza.

We’re really excited, especially based on all of the good reviews and press this movie has gotten, to see The Dark Knight tonight.  Are you going?