Snö Cove opening delayed, again

It is already over a year late so what is another few weeks?  Ryan Leckey, reporting for WNEP-TV news in our local area, covers the story pretty well and has some interesting details.

  • “In addition to the sewer problem, the wall surrounding the Lazy River collapsed over the winter and had to be rebuilt, Carlson added.  More than 100 construction workers have been busy seven days a week, putting in 12-hour days to fix the problems.”  –  This does not make me feel safe.  Not only did they get the wall wrong the first time, but over-worked construction workers are rebuilding it. Nice.
  • “Fewer than 20 people purchased season passes and the owner said he is more than willing to give people a refund.”  –  Twenty people sounds like a lot to me. Teehee.

Maybe those twenty season passes will be enough to settle the $18,000,000 debt.  Why am I linking to this?  Because after the way they handled WingFest 2008, I’m pretty sure this park is going to fail, fail, fail.

Source: Sno Cove Opening Delayed Again.