Ten things you need to know about the upcoming WordPress 2.6

Aaron Brazell, who has done just about as much development on top of WordPress as anyone I’ve ever met, likes to break down each release of WordPress just prior to its release with these lists of things you should know about it.

It is obvious that Aaron knows WordPress down to its very core, including even the unused code, and that makes him perfectly suited for these types of updates.  He probably does research on each release before it comes out because his previous job position at b5media demanded that he know what was coming on the platform.  He still uses WordPress on a daily basis as he is the cofounder and lead editor for Technosailor on which this article is written.

These lists are extremely useful to those that do not have the expertise nor the time to focus on what is coming in each release of WordPress before they are released.

A note about WordPress 2.6: This, like 2.5, is an excellent release and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m hoping that Apple updates to a version of Safari that Google Gears can run on, since Google has said it runs in the latest Webkit nightlies, soon since I won’t be able to use the Gears integration with WordPress until they do.

Source: Technosailor: 10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.6.