Greenland Brewhouse – The first brewery in Greenland

Collecting ice in Greenland

Jot this brewery down as a “must-have in my lifetime”. The Greenland Brewhouse is the first brewery in Greenland.  That alone makes it attractive enough to give their beer a taste if I should ever find myself on the World’s largest island but to make matters even more interesting they claim to be using only “melted inland ice” for their beer.

If you’re wondering if they are going to be chipping ice off of icebergs that, as most scientists agree, do a lot to keep the temperature of our planet at a livable level, they quickly put you at ease:

“We shall strongly emphasize that we only collect ice from icebergs. That says, that we use ice, which is already broken off the inland ice, and this ice – icbergs in the fiords – will melt anyhow.”

Good enough for me.  This photo of them collecting ice alone makes me want to be sure that I try this beer.

Source: Greenland Brewhouse.

Hat tip: Coudal Partners