Get yourself a custom illustrated avatar

My friend Anton Peck, who is an amazing artist, is offering to illustrate an avatar for you from a photo for only $65USD.  Here is more on what he is offering to do.

"The Original Artwork – You’ll get a large (600 pixels square) layered photoshop document, created in a way that will allow you to change the colors, or modify the image any way that you’d like. Once you’ve bought it, it’s yours to modify as much as you like. It will be yours to keep.

"Page Link – I’ll give you a link to any URL you’d like from this very page. As illustrations are created, the thumbnails will be posted here with your name and and website. So, you get to be a rock star right here, with all the Google-happinessâ„¢ that goes along with it."

In the late 1990s I commissioned an illustrated avatar for myself that cost a lot more than $65USD so this is a steal across the board.  So not only do I recommend it based on price, but I also recommend it based on the quality of the work that I know Anton can do.  In fact, I have one of his original pieces hanging on the wall right in front of me.

Source: Avatar, You!

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