The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button Title Text

Yesterday I saw a link from Jason Kottke’s blog to a trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a new movie starring Brad Pitt.  I immediately watched the trailer and was intrigued by both the style of the movie and the story.  Jason also linked to a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald of which the movie is based.

So, I grabbed my laptop a fresh drink and went to the couch and read the entire thing.  It isn’t long ((Hence why it is called a short story, duh.)) but it is a great read and now I’m really looking forward to watching this movie.

Trailer: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Short story: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

IMDB: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on IMDB.

Hat tip: Jason Kottke.

Slight update: It turns out that Fitzgerald’s short story is riddled with typos. I didn’t notice when I was reading, but, ok.  So this Jonathan McNicol is going to proofread each chapter and, over the next 11 weekdays, release a chapter a day as a downloadable PDF.  Maybe I will reread it when he’s done with all 11 chapters.