John Gruber: The platform is the story.

John Gruber, sole author of Daring Fireball my favorite weblog on the Internet, states what might seem as obvious to some - but I'm sure will be missed somewhat by the mass-media.

He sums up his thoughts of the lower-cost iPhone 3G, and the iPhone SDK, this way:

"The physical phone is not the story. A year from now, the iPhone 3G will be replaced by another new model. The platform is the story. Platforms have staying power, and, once entrenched, are very hard to displace."

Again, many of you might be thinking that this is obvious.  But don't be surprised if some of the "journalists" out there completely miss the point with today's announcements.  I can just hear the "Apple was afraid it wouldn't sell enough iPhones so they lowered the price" headlines hitting the presses right now.

Source: Daring Fireball: Twice as Fast, Half the Price.