Hands on with the iPhone 3G

Engadget's Ryan Block, by Apple's invitation, was able to spend a few minutes with an iPhone 3G.  I'm linking to this both because I think Ryan's notes are interesting, and because I'm surprised Apple had people see them when even Steve Jobs didn't have one on-stage during his Keynote.

Here are some highlights from Ryan's notes.

  • Bandwidth tests confirmed about an 2x speed-increase.

  • You can disable 3G (presumably to preserve battery life).

  • Wifi is 802.11b/g but not N.

  • Geotagging photos is possible. (hooray!)

  • The dock is now sold separately. Docks from first-gen iPhones can not be used.

  • You can use any 3.5mm headphone!

Overall, I'd say a great update. I'm disappointed that I'll have to fork over $29 for a new dock, and that 802.11n wasn't built-in.  Besides that, the update looks great.

Source: iPhone 3G hands-on.