Increase your productivity with Basecamp, Highrise, and Backpack

37Signals, a software development company out of Chicago, Illinois, recently launched an affiliate program.  I thought this a perfect time for me to let you know about three of their flagship products.  Oh, and I’m not telling you about these just because of their affiliate program, I’ve mentioned 37Signals before.

  • Basecamp – Project management made incredibly simple and easy.  I’ve used Basecamp for many projects over the years.  Whether you are working on a project with a team of 30, or you just want to jot down everything you need to get done in order to move into a new apartment, Basecamp seems to fit very well.
  • Backpack – Small companies, or even a group of people or family, can sometimes find it hard to keep track of each other, share files or ideas in an easy way, or just collaborate on something.  If Basecamp is a bit too much for your needs, or you just want to have a company calendar, Backpack strikes the right balance.
  • Highrise – Contact management is made easy in Highrise.  What’s more, though, is that Highrise can track communications with these contacts simply by fitting into your existing workflow.  It adds zero time to your contact management, but eases the pain.

I’ve used each of these applications for both personal use, doing projects with clients over the years, and even in my most recent employment at Viddler we’ve used Highrise for tracking our Business Partnerships and correspondance.

I recommend, at the very least, you give them a look.