Could Two Guys on Beer be the next Internet video hit?

I’ve been around this Internet thingy for a few years now.  Actually, I’ve been around since the very beginning in some form or another.  I’ve been actively employed in the Internet video arena for over a year and a half, so I think that when I say that I think Two Guys on Beer has potential, I could be right.

But who am I?  It is everyone else that matters.  Here is one of the most recent episodes of Two Guys on Beer.  A show that I think, if they stick with it, could be one of the next hits of the Internet.

[viddler id-48ed0e6d h-346 w-540]

With only nine episodes under their belt, they are getting better and better each time.  I’m not about to start handing out my recommendations or feedback on how it can get better, because I think they are actively working on that with each episode – and it shows.

Today they are Viddler’s featured video of the day, which means they are also on the front page.  And it is well deserved.  Consider subscribing to their site or to their Viddler account.