Videos from The Future of Web Design in New York City, Fall 2007

Late last year I was privileged enough to find the time to attend The Future of Web Design in New York City.  Some of my friends were presenting, the Carsonified team always puts together great events, and the event was relatively in my own backyard so the decision to attend was easy.

After the conference Ryan Carson, founder of Carsonified, told the attendees they'd make the video available online for free to all attendees because of some of the presentations issues they had.  Turns out the weather was beautiful in New York City and, because of the sunlight shining through the Javits Center, it was hard to see the presentations on screen.  I asked Ryan if we could share it through Viddler in a private way to attendees and he said "Absolutely."

Long story short, for the first time ever this video is now available to the public whether or not you attended the conference.  And don't think because these presentations were done in November of 2007 that they aren't just as valuable today as they were then.  I just watched them all again, as every one did a great job.

Some of the presenters from The Future of Web Design were Joshua Davis, Ryan Signer of 37signals, Jeffery Zeldman, Andy Clarke, Josh Williams, Brian Fling, Jonanthan Snook, Elliot Jay Stocks, Lea Alcantara, Ryan Sims and D. Keith Robinson, Jina Bolton, Cindy Li, and Matthew Patterson.

So here you go, one place to watch all of the video, download the slides, and download the audio from these presentations.  This just saved you $150USD!  Also, watch the Future of Web Design's Viddler account, as I think there will be much more to see there in the future.

Source: The Future of Web Design, New York 2007 videos.