Delicious Library 2.0 has been released

According to Delicious Monster's Delicious Blog, Delicious Library 2.0 has been in the works since November 2004.  Wil Shipley, lead developer and owner of Delicious Monster, says: "There are over a hundred new features in 2, and hundreds more bug fixes. I'm very proud of it, and very exhausted. I could blah blah blah a lot about it, but basically the entire website has been re-written to sell DL2, so please explore it."

Weighing in at a 13.7mb zip file this update has been one I've anticipated for a very long time.  Upon launching Delicious Library 2 I was prompted to update my OS to the latest version.  I didn't even know I wasn't running the latest version!  I'm guessing the Delicious Monster crew had to wait until 10.5.3 was released to get this out.

I'll write more about Delicious Library 2 later - for now, just go grab a copy.


Update 8:56am EST:  Turns out that Wil may have jumped the gun here.  According to Software Update, 10.5.3 hasn't been fully baked yet, or at least it hasn't been released yet.  It doesn't appear on the Apple downloads site for Mac OS X updates yet either.