A new jar for peanut butter

Ever have trouble getting the last bits of peanut butter out of the bottom of the peanut butter jar?  What is your method for getting it out?

Maybe you tilt the jar and shoving a knife all the way to the bottom, which usually ends up getting more peanut button on the knife handle than the tip.  What about using a spoon?  Then you usually have to use your finger to get it off of the spoon.  There is almost always some peanut butter wasted.  Maybe you have another method altogether (which I’d love to hear about).

But you may no longer need that method – that is, if Sherwood Forlee has anything to say about it. They’ve put together a new design for a peanut butter jar that opens from both ends.

Source: skforlee – easy pb&j.

Via: Coudal Partners: New Peanut Butter Jar Please