iTunes tip: Hidden bar graph views from Tekzilla

This is a pretty neat tip from Tekzilla (friend Tekzilla on Viddler), one that I never knew about, but that I think will come in handy.  If you’ve ever connected your iPod or iPhone to your computer, you’ve no doubt scene the graph in iTunes showing you how much of your space is used for each media type like music, photos, video, etc.  Did you know that you could change this graph from showing just size to other things?

Here is Veronica Belmont on Tekzilla for the tip.

[viddler id-7b6aa276 h-323 w-500]

For those of you not interested in watching the :51 second video, all you need to do is click anywhere inside the graph area and the values below the media types will change.  Pretty slick.

Source: Tekzilla Daily Tip – iTunes – Hidden Bar Graph Views.