Catching up on Mahalo Daily’s Vlog Idol

If you are a fan of American Idol, particularly its contest style format with judges, auditions, etc. then you may like Mahalo Daily‘s method of finding a new co-host.

When I saw that Mahalo Daily was sharing Vlog Idol on Viddler, I actually started watch all of the episodes when they came out.  I wanted to create a way for other people, like me, who needed to catch up on the series quickly.

Viddler’s “Play all” player. Get the code from link below.


From this page you can watch all of Mahalo Daily’s Vlog Idol episodes starting with episode one.

Source: Mahalo Daily Vlog Idol: All Episodes.

Shared by: Jason Calacanis: Mahalo Vlog Idol / Bachelon.