Comic Life Magiq – from plasq

plasq continues to amaze.  Adding onto the Comic Life brand, which includes Comic Life for Mac and Windows, is Comic Life Magiq.  What is the difference?  Comic Life Magiq is a big brother to Comic Life, it has more “pro” type features like image editing, and it is Leopard-only.

“With creative features rivaling ‘Pro’ applications, while retaining plasq’s signature ease-of-use, Comic Life Magiq is a Quantum Evolution of Comic Life.”

I’m downloading the trial right now to give it a spin.  I’m fairly confident Eliza would like to get her hands on Comic Life Magiq to create some really neat photo projects.

Video demonstration of Comic Life Magiq

[viddler id-b2867602 h-370 w-437]

A demo of plasq’s Comic Life Magiq

Source: Comic Life Magiq.

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