The Ta-da Lists widget is down captain Keegan!

Keegan Jones‘ (among others) Ta-da Lists Widget is down!

The erring widget.

I began reusing Ta-da Lists recently when I found out about the iPhone support.  It works beautifully.  When I think of something while I’m on the go, I can add a ta-da list item with my iPhone painlessly.  When I’m back at my computer, I reference the very same list.  I love it.

Up until the other day I was using the Ta-da Lists widget as my way to interact with my lists on my Macintosh computer.  But for some reason the widget now just spins (pictured) while trying to get the lists and their items.

I don’t know what is going on, but I’ve sent a few messages to whomever I could find contact information for.

As a side request: If anyone knows an application, rather than a widget, that utilizes Ta-da lists – please let me know.