\"Internet Asshattery, Armchair Scaling Experts Edition\"

Leonard Lin takes out the laundry. Lin decides not to sit idly by while "tech journalists" and "experts" tee off on some of the engineers and programmers behind a few of the more widely used social applications about "scaling issues".

First, he speaks about Michael Arrington's crack at Blaine Cook of Twitter.  In short, Arrington puts a lot of blame on Cook for Twitter's stability issues and then some "experts" reply in the comments.  Then, he talks about some of the opinions being spewed out about Wordpress and its supposed downfalls as it pertains to scalability.

Lin is much more versed in the technology, especially the infrastructure, behind-the-scenes in both of these cases than I am - so I will not be offering my opinions here and ask that you read his.  Also, I will not be linking to the other sources of this story, because I'd rather you read them with his context.

Side note about this link: I found this article through Matt Mullengweg who wrote and published a post called Armchair Scaling Experts which has been taken down since and I don't know why.

Source: random($foo): Internet Asshattery, Armchair Scaling Experts Edition.