Sameer Barkawi, actor

Sameer Barkawi

Sameer Barkawi, actor

My good friend Sameer Barkawi, who has been writing on TUG.n a little lately, has wrapped up shooting on what will be his movie debut.

Sameer plays a homeless man. When Sameer came to visit us last month his hair was getting really long (not too much of a surprise if you know Sameer) and he said that he was "playing a bum" in an upcoming film project at school. Little did we know how awesome he'd look as a homeless person (pictured).

"I just made my first film debut. Two consecutive days of eight hour shoots, and the film is done. Thanks to the director, Brian Miller, for giving the role of the homeless painter. Also, thanks to Ross, Brianne, and everyone else responsible for making the shoot fun, even when I wasn’t doing anything. The shoot was just more reason as to why I’m a film major."

Congratulations my friend.

More photos are available on his Web site.

Source: My Movie Debut « Unfiltered Sarcasm.