Get a job! Use a Job Board.

Looking for a job? Might I suggest looking through the various Job Boards that have popped up over recent years? You might just find what you’re looking for.

37signals’ Job Board

The 37signals’ Job Board is probably “the best one” right now. Currently there are offerings from such companies as Apple, Sony, Amazon, Best Buy, and Flickr.

I actually know a few people that have gotten jobs they’ve really loved through 37signals’ board.

Authentic Jobs

An offering by Cameron Moll, Authentic Jobs, covers both full-time and freelance jobs. So if you are a freelance developer or designer, there is a lot of opportunity just waiting here for you.

If you are a company/person looking to fill a position or get a project done, I think Authentic Jobs is your way to go – being that they have a money back guarantee (maybe the others do too).

The Crunch Board

From the hard working people of TechCrunch, the Crunch Board is a lot less personal the the two sites I mentioned above – but these guys are all about business. I think I would check this site last, which is why I’ve ordered it as such, but if you need work – you’ll want to look here.

Why am I linking to Job Boards you ask? Believe it or not, I have people ask me if myself, Viddler, or any other company I know has work. And sometimes I’m able to oblige, but – most of the time – I can’t. So, for all of you reading this, if you need to find some work it can’t hurt to look through the above Job Boards first.

Do you know of any other good Job Boards? List them in the comments and I’ll add them to the post!

A note to 37signals, Authentic Jobs, and the Crunch Board… you may pay for this link via Paypal. ;)

List of recommended boards

Below are boards recommended via email, instant message, Twitter, and/or through the comments on this post.

While I’m going to reserve judgement on any of the recommended boards, I will say that with the Job Boards I listed – the price point seems to be high enough to make sure that the company is very serious about filling the position and/or getting the freelance work done. With the recommended boards, your mileage may vary.

To be continued…