Chippewa Lake Park, today

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Photo comparison."]Rollercoaster[/caption]

Chippewa Lake, a now abandoned theme park in Ohio, was once a booming park full of ride enthusiasts and families on vacation. Now it is a rundown, dilapidated and overgrown patch of woods. Sort of like a deep sea shipwreck turned coral reef.

This photoset by Flickr user Brian B. shows the current state of Chippewa Lake today - as well as a few comparison shots of how it looked in its heyday.

After doing some research I've found out that this theme park was open for nearly 100 years, and was the victim of some arson since its closing in 1978.

/source the big dipper - a photoset on Flickr

/via Jason Kottke