A video demonstration of the iPhone macro lens

Immediately following my post about the iPhone macro lens my site nearly “went down” because of using up too much bandwidth. Shortly after that people were wondering why I hadn’t created a video demonstration of how it works.

Well, here it is.

Sorry for the quality of the video, it could have been better, but I wanted to do it quickly and so I used an old iSight I had laying around, sort of propped it up on my coin collector thingy, and, well, here is the result.

I’m still anxious to create a wide-angle lens for the iPhone, I just haven’t found the right materials for doing so. I’ve toyed with a few things that I have laying around, and even rummaged through my brother-in-law’s basement to see if I could find something there. So far, no dice. If anyone has any suggestions, or knows of something someone else created, please share a link to that in the comments.