Using the WordPress iPhone admin plugin

I’m writing this on my iPhone, using the WordPress plugin that changes the admin from its default style and layout to one that works on an iPhone.

A few things that become apparent quickly is that the interface is pretty heavy, making load time a bit annoying. The interface is usable, but slow. Also typing a link to anything is really tedious. With the iPhone not having copy/paste (yet?), and the characters needed to write an HTML link hidden beneath the iPhone’s keyboard layout hierarchy – I am not sure I’d ever bother to link to something.

A possible fix for this could be a button to create a link. Or, I could use Safari Mobile’s built-in email link feature and post to my site that way.

I’m still figuring all of this out, but as always I’ll try to report my findings. Next up, mobile photos.

Update: Edited to include links now.