Now optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch

Now you may navigate this site using your iPhone and/or iPod touch easier than ever before. Using the iwPhone plugin and theme, this site will now automatically display in an easy to use format when navigating the site using your iPhone and/or iPod touch. A few of this site’s features are missing, of course, but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. The site loads faster, is easier to navigate, and is readable now on these mobile devices.

But that isn’t all, I can now post to this site using my iPhone (which I’ve tested once so far), using the mobile admin plugin. Although a little slow, even on Wifi, the interface works really well on the iPhone to write up quick mobile notes.

I’m really happy with these two solutions so far. Now I just need to get WordPress to recognize the iPhone’s email attachments (photos) and I’ll be well on my way to bringing it all together.

Update March 20, 2008: After using this mobile interface, I’m finding it way too slow even on Wifi on the iPhone. I’ve now begun searching for a simple, mobile interface that is optimized for working on slower bandwidth connections. Any suggestions?

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